Board of Trustees

2020 Executive Committee

Nancy Baldwin
Baldwin Motors

Joan Coffman, FACHE
President & CEO,
St. Tammany Health System

​When asked about her experience with the Foundation, Joan is immensely grateful "to the Trustees that volunteer their time and talent, the Healing Arts Initiative that sets our scope and efforts apart for our patients, colleagues and community, the 2500+ colleagues, medical staff and Guild that come together in support of a common cause of service to others - we are truly blessed!"

Paul Davis
President & COO,
Parish Concrete, LLC

​When asked why he personally supports the Foundation, Paul says, "Because I believe healthcare is one of the key elements that makes our community so great. Two of my mentors, Harry Warner and my father, Tom, have instilled in me the responsibility of community service that I am blessed to be able to carry on as a Trustee on the Foundation's board."

Mimi Goodyear Dossett
Money Hill Plantation, LLC

​When asked why she personally supports the foundation, Mimi says, "As a developer, I understand the vital importance of quality of life in a community. Health care and education are at the top of the list when it comes to people and businesses deciding where they want to live, and St. Tammany Health System's impeccably high standards of quality and care make me proud to call this parish home."

Kevin Gardner
Senior Vice President,
HUB International Gulf-South

​When asked why he supports the foundation, Kevin says, "As a resident of St. Tammany Parish, our quality of living depends upon having the best in healthcare. From attracting business to raising a family and creating a great place to retire, your hospital being the 'best in class' will change the short and long term future of our community."

Elizabeth Healy
In-House Counsel,
Bisso Towboat Co., Inc.

Vice Chair,
Executive Committee

When asked why she personally supports the Foundation, Liz says, "Because of the impact St. Tammany Health System has on the health and well-being of our community. I am honored to be a contributor to the mission and vision of the Foundation."

Roderick "Rock" Kendrick
Northlake Medical Supply

Executive Committee

​When asked why he personally supports the Foundation, Rock says, "As a donor, I consider it not only a privilege but an obligation to support and serve our community and state-of-the-art local hospital through St. Tammany Hospital Foundation."

Mary Lee
Lee Financial Partners, LLC

Governance Chair,
Executive Committee

Healing Arts Initiative
Committee Chair

When asked why she supports the foundation, Mary says, "From the moment I was introduced, it was always a perfect fit for me. I fell in love with the mission, the work and the limitless possibilities that lay in wait for the organization and our community. I feel so fortunate to serve both the hospital and the foundation in a way that elevates both and offers healing to those in need."

Renee Maloney
Painting with a Twist, LLC

​When asked why it's important for people to invest in their community hospital, Renee says, "The gift of giving always comes full circle. Giving is receiving and generosity is contagious. It is important to support a foundation that directly improves the health and welfare of our community. Investing in our community hospital gives healthcare security for generations to come."

Becky Carson Parks
Senior Vice President,
FLWB Architects

When asked why she personally supports the Foundation, Becky says, "Because of the wide-reaching impact their initiaitves have on our community. Several of the programs and services the Foundation supports, like the Parenting Center through Monster Mash, cancer care, Healing Arts and the Honor Red, White and blue program are close to my heart as they have impacted me personally."

Greg Pellegrini
Community Activist & Philanthropist

Executive Committee

​When asked why it is so important for people to invest in their community hospital, Greg says "I am investing for those who can't, so that everyone has access to the care they need, when they need it."

Norma Richard
Community Activist & Philanthropist

When asked what she is most proud of during her time on the foundation's board, Norma says, "I am most proud of the positive progression and enthusiasm of the Healing Arts program, both inside the hospital and in the arts community."

Darci Senner, CPA
Self-Employed Accountant

Executive Committee

Finance Committee Chair

​When asked why she feels it is important for individuals to invest in their community hospital, Darci says, "It is such a privilege for our community to have world-class healthcare right next door. It is so important to give back to our local health system in order to sustain and enhance the vital programs and services St. Tammany Health System provides to our wonderful community."

William Trist, CFP, CFM
Senior Vice President-Wealth Management,
Merrill Lynch 

Executive Committee

​When asked why it is so important for our community to invest in its hospital, Will says "Having to travel extensively to California in the late 1990s for the healthcare needs of our infant daughter instilled in me the important of quality local healthcare in our community. I am humbled and honored to lead the STHF board to enhance the medical care and services on our Northshore."

James Woodard, MD
Retired Cardiologist


Chairman Emeritus

Adrian B. Cairns, Jr. M.D.