Helping the Healing Arts

From the desk of Diane Winston...

Chairing the Healing Arts Initiative for the St. Tammany Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees has been a gift—elevating my longstanding passion and history with the arts to serve a greater purpose.

Arts in Healthcare is a diverse, multidisciplinary field dedicated to transforming the healthcare experience by connecting people with the power of the arts at key moments in their lives. This rapidly growing field integrates the arts, including literary, performing, musical and visual arts and design, into a wide variety of healthcare and community settings for therapeutic, educational and expressive purposes.

Healing Arts features are more than just aesthetically beautiful. In fact, art is a crucial component of healing. Research proves the arts’ power to heal by nurturing patients’ physical and emotional well-being. I have experienced firsthand this sweeping national movement. St. Tammany Parish Hospital is proud to be at the forefront of this new standard in healthcare for forward thinking facilities.

Here are some examples of the Healing Arts in action at St. Tammany:

  • Generous employees introduced the Healing Arts at STPH in 2005 when they funded the purchase of a player piano for the lobby, healing ceilings in MRI and CT rooms, murals in radiology areas, aquariums and play spaces in pediatrics through the Employee Fundraising Campaign.
  • In 2008, the Hospital established the unique 4-South unit, utilizing evidence-based components of Healing Arts and the expertise of Fauntleroy Latham Weldon Barré Architects. A quietly artistic character permeates the unit, complemented by soft lighting, wood finishes and large private patient rooms.A soothing bubble wall and illuminated nature scenes above each patient bed add to the serenity of this special healing environment, which will be the model for our next unit of 21 private rooms.
  • The latest milestone in the Hospital’s commitment to providing excellent healthcare to every woman of every age is the recent opening of the Women’s Pavilion. The spa-like facility’s art and architecture are designed to benefit both patients and staff. A lush meditation garden where benches welcome visitors to pause for reflection, the soothing sounds of the lobby’s waterfall, the sunset mural in the dedicated breast MRI room and the subtle glow of a fire feature are all examples of our attention to creating an environment of healing through the arts.
  • As we embark on the construction of new facilities, including the new Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center at St. Tammany Parish Hospital, we will continue to involve our community artisans and art patrons, utilize focus groups of patients, community and staff, and incorporate Healing Arts from inception.

Healing Arts benefit our patients at St. Tammany Parish Hospital by aiding in their physical, mental and emotional recovery, including a reduction in stress and pain, and a consequent strengthening of coping resources. Please join us in this exciting endeavor to provide the most comprehensive and cutting edge care for our patients that combines the best of clinical care with the power of the arts.

Will you please consider a tax-deductible gift to the St. Tammany Hospital Foundation? Our Hospital is a private, not-for-profit community hospital that receives no tax funding. Every gift from every individual is vital to ensure its success. Help us continue to deliver a nurturing, healing environment to all of the members of our community who are part of STPH…patients, visitors and staff alike.

Thank you in advance for doing your part. Your gift can and will make a difference in lives impacted daily within the walls of St. Tammany Parish Hospital. Because of your generosity, know that STPH will continue to be there for you, your family, friends and for each of us when we most need it.


Diane Winston
Chairman, Healing Arts Initiative


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